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March 11, 2011

When Gay Rights and Religious Freedom Collide

We know from history that ideas collide. And a big collision is taking place right now.

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Yesterday, I told you about a British couple who lost their foster license for just believing that homosexuality is wrong. And theirs is not an isolated case.

Back in 2006, a Catholic adoption agency in Massachusetts was forced to either adopt children to same-sex couples against their convictions, or close their doors. Well, the agency chose to close its doors. Notice that in each of these cases, those who lost their rights were the ones acting from religious conviction.

The end goal here is not ‘equal rights.’ It’s the changing of public opinion of one view to another. Religious freedom and the gay rights movement are colliding, and right now, religious freedom is losing. I’m not worried about whether our side will win. I worried about whether we will stand on the truth, no matter what.


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