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November 28, 2011

What is a Human Being?

What is a Human Being?

Last week we talked about the rampant idea that all sexual behavior is genetically determined and thus justified. Ideas like this one have consequences, and we’ve discussed those.  But, keep in mind ideas have antecedents too. Ideas come from assumptions. The assumption at work here is philosophical naturalism, or the belief that “nature is the whole show,” as C. S. Lewis described it.

What if this is true?  Well, Alex Rosenberg is quote upfront about it in his book The Atheist’s Guide to Reality. In his words, “The physical facts fix all the facts.” In other words, only sciences like chemistry, biology, and neuroscience can explain reality. Of course science only gives us the what of things, not the ultimate why of things.

So, he readily admits that his view of reality means all of life, including human behavior, thought, and our understanding of ourselves is ultimately meaningless. Give him credit for being consistent, but that presents a dilemma -- if he’s right, why should we read his meaningless book? For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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