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October 31, 2011

Wall Street or Easy Street?

Wall Street or Easy Street?

The "Occupy Wall Street" protests are over a month old and have gone global, and Christians face tough questions: Is the Church caring for the poor? Are we supporting those families affected by layoffs?

Recently, we've talked about what it does and doesn't mean to think biblically. Well, trying to think biblically leaves me a long way from supporting "Occupy Wall Street." Christians must oppose oppression of any kind. So when protesters highlight the dangers of consumerism, I agree. But when they call for government redistribution of wealth and an end to markets, I don't.

A system where everyone receives equal amounts of money regardless of effort still treats people like consumers. But scripture portrays us as producers. People function best when they earn success, and they're at their worst when given handouts without accountability. Come to for some talking points on "Occupy Wall Street." Also, learn more about PovertyCure, a sound action plan for ending poverty. Find these at I'm John Stonestreet.

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