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June 21, 2011

Three Institutions, Not Just One

Three Institutions, Not Just One

What do inner-city children need to succeed in school? The typical answer is more money for more programs managed by an ever-growing expression of government education.

But as Anthony Bradley points out on the Acton Institute website recently, all the money in the world won’t replace the role played by families and churches. Nearly every study demonstrates the correlation between family stability and educational success in the inner city, but a series of studies from Howard University in 2010 demonstrated the second greatest contributor to success for inner-city students was church involvement. This is especially true for African-American students. A 2009 study reported that attending religious services often eliminated the black/white achievement gap for inner-city black students.

But our greatest concern these days seems to be keeping the church out of school -- like federal judge Janet Hall who prohibited two Connecticut schools from even holding graduation ceremonies in a church. The church isn’t the problem.

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