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September 27, 2011

They’re Not God, Either

They’re Not God, Either

Yesterday, I pointed to good advice about not expecting God-like power from politicians to fix every problem. Not only does it exponentially grow government when we make all problems political, but it steals the God-given authority of families and local institutions who are better equipped to help in many areas.

But, there’s another group that are given God-like status. Scientists. Since the Enlightenment, science has been seen as the neutral arbiter of truth, infallible, the standard by which all claims must be measured.

Case in point: Six Italian scientists were put on trial for manslaughter last week for not predicting an earthquake in 2009 that killed nearly 300 people. If they had done their job, prosecutors argue, people would have been warned.

Many experts think the case will be thrown out, and it should be. But consider what this case assumes: scientists can possess a complete knowledge of what will happen at any given time in the world. Wow. I thought only God knew that. For thePointRadio, I’m John Stonestreet.


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