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November 14, 2011

The Power of YouTube

The Power of YouTube

Have you seen that video of six-year-old Lily bursting into tears when her parents told her they were going to DisneyWorld? Her reaction was posted on YouTube and became an internet sensation. It’s racked up over 5 million views, and has an advertising deal with Disney is in the works.

That’s the power of the web, and especially the power of YouTube. Crazy animals, old people trying to figure out a webcam, goofy dancing has all “gone viral.”

Well, how about sharing something “worldviewish”? Every day, we post a video version of The Point on YouTube that’s easy to email, or post on Facebook, Twitter or blogs. It’s a way to instantly give your friends an angle on recent news and events from a Christian viewpoint. Take a minute right now to subscribe to our YouTube Channel or our video digest at

YouTube is a powerful tool. Use it to get out a powerful message. For The Point, I’m John Stonestreet.

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