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August 22, 2011

The Dominionists are Coming!

The Dominionists are Coming!

In the last two weeks, elaborate conspiratorial stories claiming a diabolical plot for Christian domination have hit the press. You’d think this would only be coming from far-leftist crazy news sources, but sources as mainstream as CNN, the New Yorker, and CBS News have carried stories alleging the supposed Dominionist influences on the major conservative candidates. Dominionist theology actually refers to the idea that Christians should take over every aspect of law and government, and reinstitute Old Testament penalties for violating Biblical morality. But do you know any Christian who actually believes this?  Neither do I?

So, Dominionism is now the label stamped on anyone who seeks to bring their Christian faith into politics at any level, unless of course it is serving politically liberal ends.  And that makes any Biblical worldview advocate, including Francis Schaeffer and Marvin Olasky, a Dominionist. Don’t buy it, folks. It’s alarmist, shoddy journalism that dismisses serious Christian thought and its place in the public square.

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