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September 20, 2011

The Cost of Teen Pregnancy

The Cost of Teen Pregnancy

A new study reports that teen pregnancy cost the state of Mississippi almost $155 million in 2009. This is enough for certain groups to demand the state include “Abstinence-Plus” teaching – which would include instruction about “safe-sex” and contraception, rather than an abstinence-only approach.

According to Rachel Cantor of Mississippi First, abstinence-only education doesn’t work because teens pledge to abstain but “then don't behave that way after the programs.” But if students don’t stay true to abstinence pledges, why would they stay true to pledges to use contraception?

The truth is this issue is bigger than sex and bigger than one class. It’s about the moral courage of the next generation to delay gratification and live for the greater good. On Saturday September 24, you can join Chuck Colson, Del Tackett, myself and others for a special live conversation on how we can recapture ethics in our families and society. Visit for more information. I’m John Stonestreet.

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  • September 20, 2011 // 09:06 pm //  # 
    Sonny's avatar Sonny

    My heart broke when I read this. We raised and are currently raising our Daughters 25, 21, 14, & 13 not to date until college. Asking our girls and sons to wait on the God of their salvation to reveal their future mate to them and helping them to focus on who they are and who He has made them to be, has helped them to see the grief and heart ache of their friend’s distorted relationships. If they can trust Him with their body, soul and spirit, can they not trust Him also for a mate? Is it easy? No! Will they think boys are cute? Yes! There have been Hrs. and Hrs. of discussions, tears, and evaluations of relationships, evaluation of motives, values, and goals. What is missing? I believe it is communication with our children. Making the time is not easy but it comes through our relationships every day, doing everyday things. Ultimately they will still make their own decisions. But, it will not be for lack of preparation.

  • September 20, 2011 // 09:14 pm //  # 
    Sonny's avatar Sonny

    A great series for a family to plan ahead with and another for a young person to understand the desires within.

    God’s plan for finding a mate.

    Victory over the dating spirit.

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