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October 14, 2011

The Church and Disability

The Church and Disability

Eugenics is often associated with the Nazi attempt to exterminate Jews and glorify the Aryan race, but it’s back. What the Nazis did in death camps, we do through selective abortion, euthanasia, and genetic engineering. Even more significant, however, is that the cultural eugenics mindset is back--one that values human life based on convenience, choice, and efficiency.

Where is the church in all of this? Captive. When the disabled are escorted from church services and religious leaders suggest divorce in the case of Alzheimer’s, it means we’re actually trapped in and contributing to this mindset. This must change.

We are squandering an enormous opportunity to show culture a better way, and we are failing to love our disabled neighbors. My friend Kathy McReynolds from Joni and Friend’s Christian Institute on Disability has been working on this for years, and has developed a training resource called Beyond Suffering to help churches seize this cultural moment. Come to to learn more. I’m John Stonestreet.

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