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November 03, 2011

Spiral of Silence

Spiral of Silence

Sherry West faces up to 140 years in prison after pleading guilty last week in the death of a patient from a lethal overdose at Kermit Gosnell’s now infamous West Philadelphia abortion clinic. It’s also though that West routinely exposed patients to her Hepatitis C by working with patients without protective gloves. Her lawyer suggests that she “missed the significance of what she was doing.”

She wasn’t the only one. Gosnell’s clinic was called a “house of horrors” by authorities who finally investigated after nearly 2 decades ignoring numerous complaints about filthy conditions, patient mistreatment, staff—including Gosnell’s wife—performing medical procedure without license, and the intentional killing of infants born alive during abortion procedures.

The grand jury said that no one acted is… “because the subject was the political football of abortion.” While authorities weren’t acting, West and Gosnell were. And it was a spiral of silence that must never happen again. For, I’m John Stonestreet.


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