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June 06, 2012



A few days ago, the blog “Bad Catholic” offered a humorous take on “Four Way the Gay Marriage Debate Has Been Rigged.”

The biggest problem is sloganeering — on both sides. Gay “marriage” advocates often label anyone who disagrees as hateful bigots, and insist that “marriage is about love, not gender.” Christians say they support “traditional marriage,” but rarely ever define or deliver on what that means. So everyone comes to the debate confused and leaves angry.

These slogans aren’t productive, they’re an excuse not to think.

Take “love.” For Christians, marital love is a lifelong commitment to a unique oneness of opposites that is procreative and lasting. For gay “marriage” advocates, love is a feeling that by itself justifies marriage. The definition determines whether Christians are hateful and discriminatory or if “gay marriage” is a nonsense phrase.

We need this debate, so take the time to think and define terms. Don’t resort to slogans. For, I‘m John Stonestreet.

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Bad Catholic | | May 23, 2012

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