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May 18, 2011

Shrugging Off the Truth

Shrugging Off the Truth

Last month, the film version of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged hit movie theaters. It’s caught the attention of many who believe in limited government.

In the story, the hardest-working members of society are harshly taxed and over-regulated by the government. But when those productive people go on strike, society unravels.

We might agree with Rand’s stinging rebuke of big, intrusive government, but Atlas Shrugged is a gospel for Objectivism, an anti-Christian philosophy that elevates selfishness to a cardinal virtue, and rejects compassion and sacrifice. Why? Because she denied the existence of God and therefore the fallenness of humanity.

Elevating selfishness underestimates the destructive potential of human sin. Rand is right that government is not the answer to all of our problems, but she’s dead wrong about what those problems are. Therefore, her solutuons are wrong too.

We’ll talk more about Rand tomorrow. In the meantime, visit

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  • December 03, 2012 // 07:00 pm //  # 
    Sheila's avatar Sheila

    Atlas Shrugged is a version of a plsisboe eventuality, not a definite and only one.  As for things going down the road to where people not only give up but lose the hope that is the engine or turn to alternatives, we may or may not already be past that tipping point.Society is like a roast (hush, listen a second).  When it is in the oven, you cook it until it reaches a certain temperature, then take it out.  While resting, the roast will continue to rise in temperature.  At this point, we are still in the oven but have we hit the preset temperature already.  Are we actually beyond it and the roast is ruined?  How many people are hopelessly stuck on government pay, monies, or protections?  Yeah, not good.Still, there are a lot of ways this can go down.  The thing is, it probably is going down.  A currency, or all of them, based on faith as they are, in a world of growing doubt?  The vampires, werewolves, and heathen barbarians are sharpening their tools as we write.  Still, as always, there is hope, even of flesh.

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