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July 26, 2012

Relevant or Irrelevant

Relevant or Irrelevant

This is Christianity without the Christian worldview. I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.


Last week, the Episcopal Church continued its embrace of same-sex “marriage” and approved transgender clergy. These are two moves which will probably speed up what Mark Tooley at the Institute for Religion and Democracy calls “the fastest decline” in attendance of any church in America.

The Episcopal Church decline is closely followed by the Presbyterian Church USA, which over a year ago approved openly gay clergy, and just days ago came a few votes shy of redefining marriage.

The United Methodist Church also showed earlier this year just how close it is to caving on the gay “rights” issue, with individual congregations already performing same-sex marriages.

These communions are among the oldest in America, yet they’re abandoning thousands of years of Biblical teaching on sex in favor of new, “enlightened” teaching. But why would people go to church if they won’t hear anything different from their culture? All this being relevant is killing them!

Still, there is some hope for these groups, and I’ll tell you why tomorrow. For The Point, I’m, John Stonestreet.

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