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March 19, 2012

Reason Rally, Part 2

Reason Rally, Part 2

Are you ready for the Reason Rally? I’m John Stonestreet, and this is the Point.

Scheduled for March 24 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the Reason Rally is billed as "The largest gathering of the secular movement in world history." The world’s most famous atheist and author of the God Delusion Richard Dawkins, will be the headline speaker. The event's website says, "The intent is to unify, energize, and embolden secular people nationwide, while dispelling the negative opinions held by so much of American society."

Some good friends of mine who aren’t atheists are planning to go to the Reason Rally, to join the conversation. They've put up a website at, and they've promised publicly they will only talk with those who want to, and their intention is not to disrupt the rally.

Well, they’ve received dozens of emails saying "stay away!" "We don't want you!" "Don't crash our party!" I’m not sure how that will dispel the negative opinions. I’m also not sure how a Reason Rally is reasonable for having an outdoor event on public land that’s not open to discussion with the most reasonable worldview out there. What do you think? Tell me at  I’m John Stonestreet.

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