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September 23, 2011

Princess Theology and Alzheimer’s

Princess Theology and Alzheimer’s

Yesterday, I expressed why I was so disappointed with Pat Robertson’s comments about divorce in the case of Alzheimer’s. What his words assumed about human value and worth are wrong, and dangerous. Plus, it gave a terrible definition of love. True love is most clearly shown not when it’s easy, but when someone can’t return it. That’s the highest love, the kind Christ showed us and the kind he calls us to.

This is another reason I think Gina Dalfonzo was spot-on in her recent article critiquing what she called “princess theology.” When we tell kids that obedience to God’s will about sexuality automatically leads to a perfect spouse and a marriage, we’re promising something God doesn’t. That definition of love can’t sustain commitment when life isn’t perfect, like when a spouse gets Alzheimer’s.

Marriage isn’t always perfect, it can be messy and hard and painful. We need a theology that can survive it all, especially when it’s not a fairy tale. For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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