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January 24, 2012

‘‘On being Job’s friends…’’

‘‘On being Job’s friends…’’

Sometimes we just need to remain silent…. I’m John Stonestreet, and this is The Point.

A family I know suffered a tremendous loss over the holidays. My heart aches for them, and so do the hearts of so many friends who knew them. But how we grieve has been altered drastically by social media and especially FaceBook.

A good thing is that it allows us to immediately express our prayers and support for the grieving, where geography would have prevented it. This is new, and its good. But it limits our interaction with the grieving to saying something rather than relating to and being with the grieving. And that often leads to attempts to explain the evil or advise the grieved.

But consider Job’s friends – they were a terrific help to Job until they opened their mouths. Then, they offered a distorted God and trivialized the suffering that Job was enduring. God’s words for their words was quite harsh.

When God shows up to Job, He doesn’t explain. He offers Himself. God entered the evil of the world by offering Himself. To those grieving, we should do no less. For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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