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May 03, 2012

Missing the Point of Contraception

Missing the Point of Contraception

Contraception isn’t the answer. From the Chuck Colson Center for Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

Recently in Christianity Today, my friend Matt Anderson chastised Christians for their take on contraception. He was reacting to a recent Christian conference where over 60% of people said the church should advocate contraception to singles in order to reduce abortions.

Anderson’s right when he says this puts the church in a position to claim one thing — chastity and morality — while practicing another — pragmatism and promiscuity.  It’s treating symptoms and not the disease.

He’s right, but there’s more.  The widespread use of contraception for the sake of convenience reveals we’ve forgotten what sex is for. Procreation is a primary purpose of marital sexuality as families are best equipped to teach young people how to be virtuous citizens. We can’t just divorce marriage from child bearing. A robust theology of sexuality teaches not just that sex is good, but why it’s central to the purpose of marriage.

For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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  • May 10, 2012 // 04:58 pm //  # 
    Teresa Fedosky's avatar Teresa Fedosky


    We need more christians having more children and bringing them up into multigenerational faithfulness.

    When did the church start hating children?

    We, as a culture, are missing an entire “national treasure” by not encouraging women to be women and men to be men.  Mothering and fathering will teach you things that you just won’t get in high school or college.  ...and I know this is true because I am the mother of eight children (ages 22 - 2) and my 4 year degree from a major university and even a short stint in post graduate study did not equip me for what I would learn in my real life education (like the song that never ends) of mothering and training my family.

    We should shout it from the roof tops!  Thanks for shouting from yours…I will keep shouting it from ours.


    Teresa Fedosky
    Doula for Destiny
    Home Educator
    Childbirth Educator
    Event Coordinator

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