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September 01, 2011

Messaging Matters

Messaging Matters

The last two days, we have discussed the cultural side of morality. In other words, it matters what cultures consider normal and what they consider shameful. This is obvious in both the flash mobs we see across America, and the recent riots in the UK.

This is why the proposal from a recent gathering of psychiatrists and health professionals called “B4U-Act” is so disturbing. They want to remove pedophilia from the accepted list of mental disorders, saying that “minor-attracted people” are stigmatized and stereotyped. And though acting out their attractions should be discouraged, they should not be criminalized and shamed.

Really? Remember when extramarital sex, pornography, and homosexual behavior was considered shameful? Now? Normal. That’s the road this group is on. Like I said yesterday, Christians must speak into the cultural abyss on issues like this. Please visit the to learn about a special simulcast featuring Chuck Colson, Eric Metaxas and Del Tacket, and me - John Stonestreet.

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