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October 21, 2011

Men Are in Trouble

Men Are in Trouble

William Bennett's fiery opinion piece last week on said that somebody needs to start telling these 20-something men to "get off your video games, get yourselves together, get a job and get married."

Well the stats back him up. Today, 18-34 year-old men spend more time playing video games than 12-17 year-old boys. Much is at stake here, as Hannah Rosin noted recently in The Atlantic. Man's role in society has been to lead since "the dawn of mankind." But that's changing, and it's changing fast. She argues it's because modern society is better constructed for women than men.

Well, perhaps. But even more significant is that contemporary society offers few if any resources to help young males figure out what it means to become men. Instead, it offers various visions of perpetual adolescence. That's bad news for society, but it means the church has terrific opportunity to produce the men of the next generation. Are we man enough for the challenge?

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