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November 08, 2011

Marriage Works

Marriage Works

We often talk about why divorce is bad, but not why marriage is actually good. A new study from the National Marriage Project shows just that. In fact, marriage, stable families, and involved parents could be the building blocks to economic recovery.

According to the study, men with a wife and children typically work harder and contribute more to society than non-married men; families help prop up important consumer markets; and societies that produce stable, hard-working young adults tend to have better chances at maintaining social safety nets.

For the Christian, this is not new information. We know from Scripture marriage and family are good, consecrated institutions, and this just goes to show why the family and traditional, monogamous marriages are worth preserving.

Now let me be clear -- I’m not suggesting that everyone should be married, or that being single is non-productive or wrong. But I am saying that a culture that values marriage has a better shot at success than one that doesn’t.

To see this study, come to I’m John Stonestreet.

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