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October 11, 2011

The Point of Worldview

The Point of Worldview

I’ve heard Christians accuse other Christians of being distracted by worldview. “You should just concentrate on God,” they say. “Philosophy is of the world.”

But that’s missing what worldview is about. The Bible presents God as actually existing and actually creating the world. In other words, the world is as it is because God exists and because of who He is. Worldview is simply about grasping the full Biblical picture of reality.

As John Piper pointed out on his blog recently, when we love theology -- which is one aspect of worldview, we’re expressing our love for God, Himself.  Piper wrote that he loves theology the way he loves a photo of his wife. “I know it’s only a picture.” he said, “I don’t love the picture instead of her, I love the picture because of her. The picture is precious...because it reveals her.”

Loving God means having an accurate picture of God, revealed in Christ, and his plan for the world. And that’s worldview at its best.

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