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October 19, 2011

Hope vs. Hope

Hope vs. Hope

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Andy Crouch identifies Steve Jobs as a Secular Prophet. Jobs led what’s been called “the cult of the Mac.”  As a recent convert myself, I learned what all the fuss was about. Jobs didn’t just advance technology, he humanized it. He made it look better, feel better, connect us in new ways, yet he continually made it more simple and intuitive.

But there was more to it for Jobs - as the bitten Apple of Eden symbol on every product reveals. Making your own way may have been a sin in the Bible, but it’s the “gospel” for a secularist worldview. Jobs delivered this secularist gospel to the world in the form of technology, but the hope he offered was merely temporal.  If life is only about muddling through, he certainly made it easier than it used to be, but what of the next life?  No answer from Jobs. His hope was limited to this one. Ipads are great, but there’s no substitute for a hope that springs eternal. For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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