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November 02, 2011



When I was growing up, teenagers-rebelling-in-existentialist-freedom-in-the-face-of-oppressive-adults was a familiar plot, and this meant movies like Footloose made the “must not watch” list – or more correctly, the “don’t let my parents find out I watched it” list.

As you’d expect, the recent remake of Footloose is more risqué than the original – with shorter skirts and dirtier dancing. And, the plot is more implausible. The idea that a pastor could successfully lead a town to ban dancing is even more ridiculous in the 21st century than it was in the 20th.

In fact, as Megan Basham wrote recently in World, if we really want parallels to the Footloose storyline, we’ll not find it among the religious. Those calling loudest for bans these days are those trying to save us from Happy Meals, SUV’s, valedictorians, prayer at football games, and the wrong light bulbs. In fact, we’re more likely to find school dances banned for reinforcing traditional gender roles than for violating moral boundaries. This is John Stonestreet. Tell me what you think at

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