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November 23, 2011

False Connection?

False Connection?

If you listened to yesterday’s Point, you heard me think through the argument that pedophilia may not be a choice, but genetic. This has been a primary argument given for the normalization of homosexual behavior. I suggested we’ve got a real problem on our hands if orientation or tendency, even if it is genetic, justifies behavior.

A typical response to this is that a false connection is being made between homosexuality and pedophilia. Statistically, same-sex attracted persons are no more likely to be attracted to children than heterosexuals.

This is true, but it's missing the point which is if sexual orientation justifies sexual behavior then no orientation can be considered morally wrong. What if I am genetically oriented to be a gay-basher?  That wouldn’t justify abusing same-sex attracted persons. The act would still be wrong.

Unfortunately, this “everything is genetic argument” is widely assumed in our society’s understanding of sexuality. We must challenge it every chance we get. For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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