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September 12, 2011

Faithful Lives Part 3: Chuck Colson

Faithful Lives Part 3: Chuck Colson

I’m John Stonestreet, and this is The Point.

Many young evangelicals today are calling for “social justice.”  Right belief must be connected to right actions, they say.  And they’re right – the Gospel demands we confront injustice in our world, though there’s much confusion on what that means.

But I also hear young evangelicals accuse the last generation of not assisting the poor. It’s just not true. Case-in-point: Chuck Colson, who was put in jail for the Watergate scandal. But Chuck found Christ and started Prison Fellowship which ministers to inmates, advocates for reform, and helps families stay together.

Prison Fellowship’s work is brilliant, but it couldn’t keep up with the exploding prison population. Chuck realized that he needed to get to the root of the issue – our society’s bad ideas. So, 20 years ago this month, Chuck began BreakPoint, a daily worldview commentary. Breakpoint has helped millions of Christians think better about their world, and connect right action with right belief. Visit to subscribe to Chuck’s daily commentary.  For the Point, I’m John Stonestreet.

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