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September 09, 2011

Faithful Lives Part 2: David Noebel

Faithful Lives Part 2: David Noebel

Gen-Xer’s like me are used to a fast-changing world that’s been shrunk by travel and technology. The downside is that my generation often lacks the ability to stick with things. We’re famously fickle when it comes to commitment. We’re quick to swap websites, jobs, towns, churches, cell phones and even relationships.

That’s one reason why the work of David Noebel, the founder of Summit Ministries should be celebrated. For 49 years, he’s helped tens of thousands of students understand, embrace and defend a Biblical worldview. We all know about worldview now thanks to Chuck Colson and Focus on the Family’s Truth Project, but Noebel had been teaching worldview and the consequences of ideas decades earlier.

The Summit has, in the words of the Chuck Colson, “set the gold-standard for training students in biblical Worldview.” In fact, Josh McDowell, Jim Dobson, and Nancy Pearcey sent their own kids to Summit. David Noebel will officially retire on October 1, but his impact will be felt for a long time. Learn more about Summit at I’m John Stonestreet.

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