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August 24, 2011

Faith in the Infallible

Faith in the Infallible

Recent articles at NPR and Christianity Today note that some evangelicals are questioning whether Adam and Eve really existed. For example, Francis Collins, a scientist and professing Christian claims current genetic evidence show human beings are not descended from a common couple but from “a common set” of about ten-thousand founders. Thus Adam and Eve isn’t history, but “a poetic and powerful allegory.”

Huge theological questions are created by this view, but we also need to rethink how quick we are to reinterpret scripture according to the conclusions of science.

Remember Darwin’s finches, Haeckel’s embryos, Nebraska Man and Peppered Moths? Over and over, scientists show themselves fallible by making claims that fit their bias, and having to apologize later.

Of course Christians should learn from science, and we need to apologize for stubbornly insisting certain beliefs are Biblically absolute when they aren’t. But never give up on Biblical truth for scientific claims. Tomorrow, they may change again.

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