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August 25, 2011

The Beauty of Truth

In a recent blog, Trevin Wax noted the difference between Rob Bell’s Love Wins and William Young’s The Shack,  and those written in response to those books. Bell uses art and compelling language to stir his readers’ emotions toward his highly questionable theology, and Young told a great story to communicate his.  Meanwhile, refutations of their books tend to be carefully reasoned refutations and long Biblical treatises.

The result? A Christian culture that tends to prefer style over substance read the wrong books, and mistake assertions given in story-form for actual arguments.

But this shouldn’t be. Christians should be strong thinkers and discerning readers, and not easily deceived. And because Biblical truth is already full of beauty and emotional power, we need artists to express this. Art from a Biblical worldview is critical — not to make the Gospel more attractive, but to find new ways to express how beautiful it already is.


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