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April 13, 2012

Euthanasia to Go

Mobile suicide? Where did that come from? For the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, I’m John Stonestreet with The Point.

It’s called “Levenseinde,” or “Life End” in Dutch. This controversial mobile euthanasia unit goes from house to house in the Netherlands, and helps those who no longer want to live commit suicide.  So what credentials make you eligible for death? You must be incurably ill and in unbearable pain. You also have to repeatedly express your desire to die.

Sound compassionate?

Not so fast. Can someone in unbearable pain really make a rational decision about their life? How much pain are we talking about? Does it have to be physical pain? What about mental anguish and depression? What about those who simply don’t want to live anymore? What about those who can’t make the decision for themselves? And what about the rest of the family?

Active euthanasia turns doctors who vowed to “do no harm” into executioners. But this is the end of the slippery slope the Dutch started on when they legalized euthanasia. You can’t have death with dignity if you don’t recognize the dignity of all life to begin with. For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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