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October 03, 2011

Doubting and Faith

Thousands of Christian students around the country have just entered college. But will they still be Christians in four years? Study after study shows large percentages of young Christians walk away from church and even their faith during college.

But other studies by Fuller Seminary’s Center for Youth and Family and Barna president Dave Kinnaman offer advice that may surprise you. Students who are comfortable expressing doubt possess a more stable, confident faith.

Kinnaman’s new book, You Lost Me, confirms that if teenagers don’t feel comfortable asking tough questions, then they feel there are no answers. If hard questions aren’t allowed, it comes across as cowardice and lack of confidence that Christianity can survive honest debate. Parents and leaders can demonstrate their confidence in Christianity by entertaining the hard questions. And most importantly, students realize someone is there to walk through the questions with them. And that’s huge.  Visit for more, and be sure to pick up You Lost Me by Dave Kinnaman. I’m John Stonestreet.

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