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August 30, 2011

Culture and Morality

Culture and Morality

After posting my thoughts on the recent UK riots last week, I was quickly scolded for missing the “obvious systemic problems of class and race” behind the riots. It’s a typical Marxist response – people are economically determined, victims of a system that denies them basics and therefore not responsible for lashing out. But these rioters were stealing TVs and designer clothes, not food and medicine.

Of course the rioters are responsible for their actions! But there is a profound cultural aspect of their behavior too. Cultures create norms that either limit evil, or enables it.

According to Theodore Dalrymple, the UK riots weren’t surprising at all but, “the manifestation of a society in full decomposition,” one that celebrates degeneracy, producing youth full of self-esteem but without self-respect. Cultures like this provide no protection against bad behavior. This is where the church must step in. Come to to find this must-read piece by Dalrymple.

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