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March 16, 2012

Cohabitation is NOT Marriage

Cohabitation is NOT Marriage

I’ve got good news and bad news. I’m John Stonestreet, and this is The Point.

The good news is the divorce rate has dropped in America. The bad news is, it’s because fewer people are getting married. Instead they’re opting for what they think is an alternative: cohabitation. As marriage rate has been declining gradually over the last couple decades, the number of adults choosing cohabitation has skyrocketed. But that’s a big mistake, according to Glenn Stanton author of the new book The Ring Makes All the Difference who says that cohabitation is no substitute for marriage.

What makes Glenn’s argument unique is that he doesn’t base it on the Bible. By using only data from recognized social science research, Glenn demonstrates that on almost every measurable outcome, cohabitation produces different -- and more negative -- results than traditional marriage. Plus, those who choose cohabitation before marriage increase the likelihood of their marriage failing once they do tie the knot.

Glenn talked with me about these findings in a fascinating interview that will air this weekend on BreakPoint this week. Catch it on local radio or at For the, I’m John Stonestreet.

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