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September 02, 2011

Christians Shouldn’t Fear, But They Should Think

Christians Shouldn’t Fear, But They Should Think

A popular blogger just published “25 Things that Shouldn’t Scare Christians.” On the list are things like when “under God” is omitted from the pledge of allegiance, civil rights for gays, the removal of Christmas symbols from government property, and theological disagreement.

I agree. Christians shouldn’t be scared of these things, but I know few who are. I do know many who are concerned, and who give strong reasons for that concern. For example, wrong theology has a history of confusing and compromising God’s people. Removal of religious symbols and language is the sign of an ever-increasing secularism that Christians from both the left and the right have written about extensively. And, of course, marriage isn’t a civil right. It’s the institution that every society is built upon, and depends on.

Blog posts like this aren’t helpful. They’re dismissive -- of real arguments and the real people who hold them. But you can find each argument I mentioned at

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