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August 17, 2011

‘‘Christianity or Secularism?’’

‘‘Christianity or Secularism?’’

Andrew Sullivan blogging for Newsweek, suggests that real Christianity has been replaced by “Christianism”. He thinks real Christianity is “libertarian” where people “give away much of their property to the poor, forget about the sex lives of their neighbors, pray more than politic, and forgive more than judge.” Of course we should pray and forgive and give, and shame on us if we don’t.

But Sullivan also thinks Christians should remove themselves from the public square. He thinks we should work with individuals but not confront political or social structures. But that’s foolish – structures affect individuals. For example, personal sexual brokenness destroys the family, and that’s a major cause of poverty.  The personal affects the public.

As Alan Jacobs wrote, if Sullivan is right, Martin Luther King Jr. was wrong. He engaged politics to confront social evils. And so did Bonhoeffer and many others.

Sullivan is confused. Christianity is personal, but its claims aren’t private.

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