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December 06, 2011

Bye Bye, Sex Week

Bye Bye, Sex Week

A better Yale might just be reality...I’m John Stonestreet, and this is Point may be too mature for younger listeners.

Since 2002, Yale University has supported a campus-wide sex week. It’s described as “a campus-wide interdisciplinary sex education program,” but it’s really devolved into hedonism-week which presents a sexual “free-for-all” as if all consequences of deviant sexuality are prevented with condoms.

Well, a student-led protest called Undergraduates for a Better Yale College has made the university back off their support of sex week. The group set up the website, organized protests, and offered compelling alternatives to the debauchery. I think I know why their efforts are working.

Yale’s view of sex is assumes we’re animals and all that matters is the how. But, the dehumanizing results forced these students to think deeper about the what and why of sex. And they didn’t like what was forced on them.

We’ll see what develops, but for now Better Yale should be proud -- they’ve provided real protection for Yale students. For, I’m John Stonestreet.

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