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August 26, 2011

Big Issues Need More From Us than Name Calling

Earlier, we discussed a Christianity Today article about the scientific case against Adam and Eve. The magazine’s editorial urged readers to be patient and wait for the scientists and theologians to come to agreement saying, “We don’t need another fundamentalist reaction against science.”

But “Fundamentalist reactions” in the early 20th century preserved basic doctrines like miracles, the resurrection, and trustworthiness of the Bible against theologians and scientists who agreed that those ideas were no longer believable. On the other hand, “fundamentalist reactions” later in the century and still today divided the church and made mountains out of molehills.

The problem, especially when it comes to questions about origin, is our tendency to name call instead of present real arguments - you’re a fundamentalist, or you’re a compromiser. This kills real debate about big issues. And, the existence of Adam and Eve is a big one. After all, Jesus thought they were real, and so did Paul.


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