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August 23, 2011

Both Sides are Religious

Both Sides are Religious

Secular liberals claim to be untainted by religion but don’t buy that, says Howard Kainz of Touchstone. Secularists are committed not just to issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, but to a whole way of seeing the world, one that’s just as religious as Christianity..

Think about it. Like religion, secularism has unquestioned dogmas like naturalistic science, separation of church and state, and the right to abortion. There’s secularist sins like intolerance, homophobia, and questioning abortion. Like Christians, Secularists have Scriptures — Origin of Species and the New York Times, and denominations like Planned Parenthood, NOW and the ACLU; and saints like Margaret Sanger, Darwin, and Alfred Kinsey whose lives and ideas go unexamined. Secularists even have an eschatology — utopia through government or eugenics.

So, don’t buy that only Christians are religious. Secularists are too. Secularism is a worldview – and all worldviews are religious.

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