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January 26, 2012

Anointing a Savior

Anointing a Savior

It’s election season, and we need to remember: there are no political saviors. I’m John Stonestreet and this is The Point.

You may have heard about a recent gathering of conservative Evangelical leaders in Texas that met to decide which Republican candidate to unite behind. After a day of deliberation and hearing from representatives of all the Republicans in the race, the group selected former Senator Rick Santorum.

Now, I have great admiration for many of those who attended this meeting. But as Timothy Dalrymple noted over at, the endorsement hasn’t boosted Santorum’s numbers.  The lesson here is that a cultural shift has happened. While we must be involved in the political process, it isn’t the only, or even primary way of advancing the Christian worldview. There’s much other work to be done: in entertainment, businesses, education, and law. And, of course, there’s just as much work inside the Christian community as outside: real change begins in our house — not the White House.

This vision of promoting the Christian worldview has driven the various initiatives at BreakPoint for over 20 years.

Visit to learn more about us. For The Point, I’m John Stonestreet.

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