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August 15, 2011

A Greedy Crowd

A Greedy Crowd

That’s what Chris Sims of West Midlands Police said about riots in his district after the shooting of suspected gang member Mark Duggan. Through social media, rioters have organized throughout the UK to break into stores, take the stuff they want before burning them to the ground.

The Parliament’s talk of a “united front” and condemning the riots in the “strongest terms” ring hollow. As Cal Thomas notes, “the problem in Britain, and increasingly in America, is moral and spiritual, not economic and political.” The lack of married households, plus the failure to teach right from wrong in the educational system equals a formula ripe for chaos when there’s any excuse for it. You’ll hear this is about being disenfranchised, but it’s not. It’s about a collapsing moral order, and which we’ll see in America tomorrow if we continue to neglect moral training.

Come to to learn about the Doing the Right Thing simulcast featuring Chuck Colson, Del Tackett, and Eric Metaxas.

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