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October 04, 2011

A Crooked Line

A Crooked Line

Last week a skeptic asked me how the idea of eternal punishment and hell could possibly be fair. “It seems over the top,” he said. “And unjust.”

It’s a good question and seems unjust to me too. But, our reaction to perceived injustice reveals that we believe there’s such a thing as justice. And where does that come from? In fact, this was one of the things that led the former skeptic C.S. Lewis to believe in God: “My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. But how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line… the very act of trying to prove that God did not exist (and) the whole of reality senseless… assume(s) that part of reality—namely justice—was full of sense… Atheism turns out to be too simple.”

Our sense of injustice reveals a lot.

Note: This commentary first aired on July 26, 2011.

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