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June 04, 2012

A 14-Year-Old Breaks the Spiral of Silence

A 14-Year-Old Breaks the Spiral of Silence

Julie Bluhm is an eighth-grader who dances ballet. Day-after-day she heard her fellow dancers worry about being too fat or looking too big, so she decided to stand up for the truth about who they are. She’s started a petition to Seventeen Magazine to run one un-doctored photo spread per issue.

Julie realizes what many girls don’t that they are being held to a false standard of beauty.  The girls in those ads don’t even actually exist they are airbrushed fabrications of some corporation’s expensive photo doctoring software program.  Young girls like Julie are constantly being battered by expectations not even based in reality, and they’re fooled into thinking their worth depends on if they can squeeze into the smallest swimsuit.

As the dad of three little girls, I’m supporting Julie Bluhm and girls like her taking a stand against a culture that reduced their value to some culturally conditioned standards of appearance. Come to for links to Julie’s petition and a blog post about it. I’m John Stonestreet.

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