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August 03, 2011

One Way or Many Ways?

One Way or Many Ways?

Hard questions are often best answered with other questions. If you’ve been asked this question like I have, here’s two questions to respond with.

First, if there are many ways to God, do you think each way is a good way? Specifically, is Christianity a good way to reach God?

Second, if Christianity is a good way to reach God, it teaches that God sent his Son to suffer brutal torture and excruciating death so that we could be forgiven from sins we couldn’t pay for ourselves.  That’s the way offered by Christianity. If that’s just one option among many, do you really think God would have had his Son go through that for us? If he did, how could that have possibly been good? The only way that this way could be a good way to reach God would be if it were the only way to reach God.

For more answers to tough questions, my friends at the one minute apologist, and Stand to Reason can help.

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