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October 15, 2013

The Necessity of Work

Work is something that many people, including Christians, do their best to avoid.  Young people especially tend to do the bare minimum and get out of work whenever possible.  But the problem isn’t work.  The problem is our view of work.  Often, Christians will act as if work is a product of the Fall, a necessary evil. However, when looking at Genesis we see the opposite.  In Genesis 2:15, Moses tells us that “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

             Physical labor was often looked down upon in ancient cultures.  Academic jobs were prized over trades.  We even see this in our culture today.  Summit may be an academic community, but here we are taught that God wants us to work as well.  Physical labor helps us put our lives into perspective and bless those around us.  Therefore, we look forward to work crews throughout the week.

            At Summit Semester, we participate in work crews on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  There are several different crews (kitchen, outdoor, house, and cleaning) that students are rotated through.  Students who work in the kitchen deep clean the appliances and help prepare dinner.  Additionally, we might hang a new pot rack, fix the plumbing, or help unload the food truck.

            The outdoor crews are often split into two groups that help with a myriad of chores. One time, I was put on the crew that cleaned up the scrap pile behind the barn. There have also been brush clearing crews, rock pickup crews, and a crew that started sanding the front of Echo Canyon so that we can re-stain it.

            The house crews, which are the smallest, are either sent to help the Beisners, the Sutherlands, or the Jizmejians.  While we are at their houses, we babysit the children, clean, and help out with anything else that is needed.  The house crew is really fun not only because we play with the kids, but also because we get to talk with Ruthann, Jacqueline or Leigh as we work with them.

            The cleaning crew, which is often the first to finish, is responsible for cleaning the classroom, dining room, and game room. Also, if there are any guests coming, we prepare their rooms. Since the cleaning crew often finishes early, we have time to help in the kitchen, where the cooks could always use more hands.

            I have been very grateful that everyone enjoys work crews.  We, students, are always happy to stop studying for a time and get our blood moving while helping with the upkeep of our fall home.  Joyfully, we learn to fulfill our God-given mandate to work and keep what he has given to us.  Perhaps with our new perspective we can help our culture see that work is good and not a necessary evil. 

Haley Brant attends Lone Star College, where she studies music.  Haley’s dream is to teach harp and piano at her own studio.  Currently, Haley plays the harp during the Sunday morning service at her local church, and she is passionate about praising God through the use of her musical gifts.  At Frontier Camp in Grapeland, Texas, Haley ministers to children and shares God’s love with them.  Whether she is reading historical fiction or fantasy, Haley loves to have a book in her hand.  She also loves riding horses.

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