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December 07, 2012

Final Contemplations

Final Contemplations

It’s the experiences in our lives that make us who we are. Days away from leaving, people are now preparing to go home. There has also been a lot of reminiscing on the three months we’ve spent here. Relationships have been formed, and now we are separating. But the common bond that forever ties us together is the experience we’ve shared here at Summit Semester. Time, separation or distance will never be able to take away what we have gotten here. 

The last three days have been less intensive in comparison to the rest of the semester. We are winding down now that this road has come to an end. Friday was a study day, praying day, thinking day, etc. Saturday was the skiing trip; I did not attend however my friends who went had an absolute blast! That evening was also our Christmas party. In our ugly sweaters and all, we merrily exchanged gifts and ate to our hearts content, and retired by dozing off to our favorite Christmas classic movies. It has been a relaxing, yet reminiscent last three days. It also has been a season of trying to spend all the time possible with the people we have grown to love, getting those last awesome moments in before we go.

But I don’t want this blog post to be exclusively about the last three days. Rather, this is more about the semester as a whole and the experiences we have shared together. We came from the first day of nervously sitting in a circle introducing ourselves, to being together constantly, laughing and having those awesome moments. It has been a three month long road, but not a dead end one. I, and I hope the others, anxiously wait and anticipate that next trail, the next experience. The workplace, college setting, and many other spheres where we can practice and use what we’ve learned here. I don’t necessarily feel sorrowful about leaving here, but anxious in what is to come in the future. 

It’s the experiences in our lives that make us who we are. This experience has beneficially contributed to who I am. I learned how to better live in community with other believers, I became a better person relationally with other people, and I learned more about myself as well as about God. I can confidently say, though there were some distractions along the way, I grew closer to God through my time here. God bless Summit Semester and the staff that has gotten us here.

Michael Hayes, 18

Fort Worth, TX

Michael came to the Lord at the age of ten and has been seeking God day-by-day. Michael has played the piano for ten years, and is also interested in economics. He knows that he wants to go to college, but is not sure if music and economics is the path that the Lord has prepared for him. He is open to wherever God leads him. Michael admires the adversity that Steve Jobs stood against in building up Apple, however he casts this trait not in business but religiously. Michael seeks to stand up against the adversity and attacks that come against him because he is a Christian.

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