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December 03, 2012

An Oregonian in Colorado…


Darkness comes with ever quickening speed, day by day, enveloping the mountain ranges that surround us. Like a curtain moving across the stage, the black of night shows us that this time of our lives is coming to an end. Cold, crisp air penetrates more deeply with every passing day, as the morning of our departure draws near.

At first, one of the most difficult aspects of our time here was the lack of internet; we felt out of touch with the outside world, and that there was no communication with those we love. As time passed, we learned that people can actually talk on the phone instead of email. We also learned that news is interesting and good, but at some point it’s all the same…celebrities getting new haircuts, nudist colonies moving south for the winter, and life continues on. This is not to say that the students of Summit Semester have become apathetic to what’s happing in our world, quite the opposite. It’s simply that we have gained a new perspective which allows us to be less dependent on our world of Wi-Fi and news-feeds.

Tuesday, though mostly uneventful, was spent finishing up our reading challenge; where we started and finished the whole New Testament in two days. Doing that really brought the Bible into a new perspective.  Showing its overarching story, and tying all of the ideas together.

Greg Fleming, a speaker who came in from New Zealand, spoke thoroughly on the subject of Politics; it was fascinating to hear what the culture of New Zealand is like, and how it relates to our own.  He also spoke on “The Fall”; why our world is affected by sin, and what that means to us.  The relaxed nature of his tone, and the interest he had in the subjects poured into his classes, like Niagara Falls; graceful, yet powerful.

Finally the day arrived, one which our hearts and stomachs had all been waiting for, Thanksgiving.  The dinner was a meal where we gorged ourselves with food made and sent by the gods…oh, it was also a time to remember all those things that we have to be thankful for. The chefs outdid themselves in presentation and taste; the different components to the meal created a symphony of taste in the auditorium of our mouths.  Though in the end, after the food, drinks, and music had faded, we came to realize how blessed we are; The godly friends which surround us, family that awaits at home, and most importantly, a God that loves us.

I would like to thank my parents, John and Barbara Pontier, for their support of me coming to Summit Semester.  Also for helping me become a man who would want to go here, learn about God and strive hard to form into an apologist for Christ. I love and miss all of the family and friends , which I will be seeing in 7 days! (yay!!!)

This time at Summit Semester truly changed the way I view words, love and life as a whole.  Being in Colorado has been a fantastic time of learning, forming memories, and experiencing joys which will last a lifetime. But…As an Oregonian, I will not miss the inexcusable lack of oxygen.

Ciao, to all my fans! ;P I will be home soon and cannot wait to tell you the full story of my Summit Semester experience.

 ~Joshua F. Pontieri



Joshua Pontier, 18

Hillsboro, OR

Joshua came to faith at a young age, through the influence of his parents. Since then Joshua has been seeking God and finding ways to grow closer to Him. He had the unique opportunity to live in Askelon, Israel for two years while his dad was working in the nearby Intel plant. This experience has shaped his philosophies and convictions. Joshua has a passion for the outcast, and is always seeking to bring them into the community. There are several career paths that are before him, and is still seeking God’s discernment. Joshua is interested in attending Pensacola Christian College for a business degree. 


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