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September 08, 2011

Wednesday, September 7th (Session 8, Day 10)

Wednesday, September 7th (Session 8, Day 10)


 What do men, mountains, and doughnuts all have in common?  Well, if you were one of the 35 men who awoke at 5:45am for the Summit “manhike” you would know.  As the men of summit hiked Red mountain and enjoyed scripture and doughnuts at the peak, the women of Summit enjoyed calm conversations by the fire- accompanied by complementary fresh fruit, of course. 


                It is a non-stop world here at summit.  After our respective gender activities, students slurped down some cereal and gathered in the classroom.  In the morning session we discussed three things Jesus accomplished by dying on the cross with Eric Smith.  After our short caffeine and stretch breaks, Chuck Edwards delivered a history of and overview of Islam.  Putting aside thoughts of Muhammad, the Qur’an, and Allah, the Summit scholars listened to Travis Barham.  In this session we learned about the Alliance Defense Fund and heard inspiring stories of students who took a stand for Christ on their campus.  As a student in a left-leaning college myself, l benefited from knowing what my rights are as a student and felt encouraged to know I have a friend in the ADF.

                Ryan Dobson was up after lunch and refreshed the Summit classroom with a unique presentation and energy.  Staying awake after a tasty lunch and an early morning hike is not as easy as you might imagine.  However all eyes were open and focused on Ryan.  Through his engaging stories and bright sense of humor, Ryan reminded us of the importance of kindness in our presentation of the gospel.  All eyes were focused once again at the night session when Ryan challenged students to obey the Lord’s call on our lives.  The variety of Summit speakers is certainly one of my favorite aspects of learning here.  Some speakers here present their ideas with specific points and sub-points, some speakers pass out lecture notes, and some tell stories, but in all ways God’s truth shines fort.

                Worship and small groups followed Mr. Dobson’s talk.  My small group bonded over our Domino’s pizza as we encouraged each other to take wheat we have learned here on the summit and to live it out down in the valley.  Even though the reality of short time remaining here began to sink in today, students went to bed cheerfully to prepare for another action-packed Summit day.                


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