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May 30, 2012

Wednesday, May 30 (Session 1, Day 10)

Wednesday, May 30 (Session 1, Day 10)


This morning began with the delicious ladies’ breakfast, where we had fresh fruit and bagels. Who knows what the guys did... apparently running up a mountain at 6:00 a.m. is appealing to them! Among the guys, Jamin took the doughnut-eating record at the top of Red Mountain by eating eight donuts! Excitingly enough, there was a bear spotted during this time as well. One might assume the guys saw it on the mountain, but that is not the case. A small bear the size of a St. Bernard made an appearance at the Summit Village pool where the ladies’ breakfast took place! Praise God for Colorado. Only at Summit, right?

John Stonestreet began the morning sessions by discussing Biotechnology & Bioethics. This was a fascinating topic. He brought to our attention that we will inevitably be confronted with these issues as we enter our adult lives. It was really nice to hear the facts on such a complicated issue. Soon after, Dr. Myers spoke on discovering our God-given design. He used an a memorable analogy, referring to a trip he recently took to Alaska. He talked about his experience with dog sledding, describing an experience where a dog musher took him on a ride. By the end of the trip, Dr. Myers wondered how in the world the man was able to get all eight of the dogs to listen to him without even raising his voice. Naturally, he asked the musher. The man’s response was... “When you are doing what you are designed to do, your master can guide you with a whisper.” What an amazing statement! It was so cool to connect the dots and realize that God does not want us to sit immobile because of our fear of acting against His will. Instead, He wants us to be moving forward. God cannot guide stationary objects. In other words, I learned that God wants us to find what we are passionate about and act on it, and He will guide our steps!

After lunch, cartoonist Mr. Chuck Asay gave a very fun and much-needed talk! He quickly illustrated several of my peers with amazing artistic ability. It was a really cool example of how we can honor God through any talent. Mr. Asay shares his beliefs to a wide audience through creative and clever art. I definitely plan on following his published art on

During tonight’s evening session, we heard John Stonestreet for the final time...BOO! We will miss him. He is such a talented speaker. The topic was “When a Worldview is Really Biblical.” This was my favorite session of the day. One of the most influential ideas for me was the idea that we are not victims of our emotions. Instead, we can train our emotions, not allowing our feelings to wholly control us. I also loved two of his other points; life is a long obedience in the same direction, and the habits and decisions we make in the present point us in the direction where we will end up.  

The amazing summer staff ended the night with the staff auction. All the proceeds go directly to Christians in Sudan, providing them with Bibles and Christian flags. The staffers auctioned off different services to all of us, but for a price! Praise God that we are all in need of these various activities/services while being here at Summit. This time was very entertaining, and best of all, raised money for a very important cause! Today has been yet another excellent day at Summit.


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