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June 30, 2011

Wednesday, June 29 (Session 4, Day 4)

Wednesday, June 29 (Session 4, Day 4)

Today was a long day. Okay, every day is a long day. We sit in classes all morning trying to absorb as much as possible, take a break, and we’re right back to it. And sometimes it’s hard to understand what we are supposed to be learning, and why it even matters. But today, God expanded my understanding of the purpose and significance of being at Summit.

Today was the day of community service projects. I signed up to help at the Family Life Services here in Manitou Springs. It is a place where single moms can receive free counseling as well as housing if needed. When I first showed up at the designated meeting place, I was wearing a skirt. After seeing the other girls in shorts, I decided to run up to my room and change. So my second outfit consisted of a t-shirt, shorts, and sandals. After hearing that we would be helping with yard work, I made the decision to go back up to my room and change my shoes. As I walked out the door, I saw the group leader waiting by the van for me; everyone else was already in the van! Finally feeling prepared for the task at hand, I hopped in and we were on our way.

When we arrived at the center, everyone gathered around to receive their assignments. Someone asked if any of the girls knew how to work a riding lawn mower. I certainly didn’t, so I didn’t raise my hand or speak up. The next question was, “Are any of you girls willing to push a lawnmower so we can use the guys somewhere else?” Now, being the good thinker that I am, I understood that he was not asking if I had ever done it before, but if I was willing. So after a few seconds of silence, I told him I didn’t mind. At first I was terrified. I had seen my dad and brother mow the lawn; but watching and doing are two completely different things. Someone kindly showed me how to start the engine and I began to follow the edge of the tiny yard, regretting my boldness with every step. Suddenly I heard a little voice say, “Hello! Hello!” A bit startled, I turned around to see a mom and her two little boys sitting on their porch. I simply smiled and continued with my work.

On the way home, I began connecting the dots. I began thinking that just as I had shown up late and unprepared for the service project, it is possible to make the same mistake when it comes to crucial moments in life. If I had not been equipped with the proper clothing necessary for the job, I would not have been the only one missing out. That mom and her boys would have waited who knows how much longer for someone to cut their small patch of grass. In the same way, if I am not prepared for conversations and encounters with other people on important issues, I will not be the only one affected. Perspective changes everything.

I believe that what I am learning at Summit is providing me with the proper “clothing” I will need as I go into the world. Through the lectures of godly men such as Dr. Noebel and Mike Adams, and godly women like Pat Edwards, my perspective is being changed. God has blessed me with an opportunity to grow closer to Him through knowledge, and I pray that I will be faithful to live that knowledge out as wisdom.

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