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June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22 (Session 3, Day 11)

Wednesday, June 22 (Session 3, Day 11)

Can you believe it is already Wednesday! Summit is almost over! Noooo! But I must say it has been a very successful day! Wake up, take shower, brush teeth, get dressed, and go to breakfast. Then comes the lectures! As much as I would have liked to sleep in, It was definitely worth it to listen to the lectures because we are taught all types of worldviews! Then came break for a couple minutes, everyone is rushing to make their rooms nice and neat so they won’t have cp (aka doing dishes)! And more lectures! Then there comes the time when your stomach is growling and the speaker is going over time, but you really want to hear him instead of your stomach! After a reviving lunch came more lectures that actually start to make sense because it is not morning anymore! As for after those lectures, it is FREE TIME! Pretty amazing activities go on such as going downtown, playing spoons (my favorite!) and hiking every place possible! Then comes dinner, YUM! I was able to have a one-on-one session with my amazing small group leader and had a delicious dinner! A great combination! All during the day, I have had a sore throat and yet I still feel like I’m having the time of my life! Crazy,huh? After worship and the last lecture of the day, I went with my small group to get maté! Best drink ever! If you go to the Summit in Colorado, try maté! And last, but not least… STAFF AUCTION!!!!! I think the best part of the day was staff auction because all the staffers were selling all sorts of collections such as smoothies and scones, staff prank, and many other amazing prizes! And there was so much that was sold! Overall, the day was pretty fantastic! Hope you enjoyed this brief overview of Wednesday, June 22!

Love to all, Rachel Oviedo

P.S. Come to Summit, it is absolutely the best camp I have ever been to!

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