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June 21, 2012

Wednesday, June 20 (Session 3, Day 4)

The classes I’ve had these past four days of Summit have been incredible to say the least. The first day’s classes were challenging, in-depth, but, most importantly, relevant. One of the speakers here at Summit is John Stonestreet. Every one of his classes has been on the development and doctrine of worldviews. As a pastor’s kid I had heard about things like post-modernism and secular humanism but could never explain what they meant. Mr. Stonestreet explained in a very clear and concise way what they were and where they could be found in society. The class time is not made up of just one person speaking; the students get to ask questions and even applying their knowledge to real life situations as well. Often in the Christian world we are fed information and are not required to come up with our own conclusions. At Summit, we are told to think for ourselves and to not take the word of the speakers without first examining the evidence.

While at Summit I have learned how to defend my personal beliefs about a variety of common topics of disagreement in society. For example, Mr. Scott Klusendorf, who is one of the leading defenders against abortion, clearly and concisely showed how to defend the lives of the unborn. Today I got the oppurtunity to get involved in a community service project in Manitou Springs. All of us students were able to show Christ through serving at the local fire department. Getting out in the community was an exciting chance to connect with the community of Manitou. These events are not even half of what makes Summit great. The staff leaders are all here to listen to the students and help them through their walk with Christ. Their service to us gives us an example of what the Christian life should look like.

What is taught here at Summit is crucial to Christians who are willing to obey the great commission found in the book of Matthew, where we are commanded, by Christ, to present the gospel to all nations. Paul also encouraged us to be able to give a “reason for the hope that is in us”. I would encourage anyone who has a relationship with Jesus and who wants to learn how to grow in Him to come to Summit. It can change your life! Run the Race. Keep the Faith. Don’t Compromise. 

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